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"In talking to people in the Buildings Business who have been on the European Leadership Development Programme, I have found an extremely high level of positive feedback – this compares favourably with other similar programmes in my experience. One of the goals for the ELDP was to support people in managing change. This starts with self awareness and self knowledge. Besides achieving this, the programme has equipped our leaders with a range of practical tools that make a great difference in the execution of their roles."
Jens Wiksted
, Schneider Electric Buildings Business


"The management and leadership programme has been extremely popular and a lasting success at RBS Global Banking Markets during turbulent and challenging times. A central and constant part of our leadership development for a number of years, it is challenging, penetrating and pragmatic. Word of mouth recommendations have meant that 'generations' of management have developed awareness, capability and skills across the UK and international businesses. The combination of group work and individual coaching has offered tailored support and created deep and lasting benefits."

Alison Clunas

Head of Leadership,
Global Banking & Markets at Royal Bank of Scotland



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What is a Human Landscape?

“The human component of a work environment such as perceptions, aspirations, beliefs, values and relationships (as contrasted to the inert component such as structures, policies, technology, strategy, capital, and tools).”


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Services and Programmes

Our work is broad and varied, ranging from one-off consultations to international 12-day modular Leadership and Coaching programmes and Team Development work. Our commitment is to make all our programmes relevant, thought provoking and applicable.

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Leadership and Management Development

We see leadership as the cultivation of a collective will to achieve. We support leaders at all levels to develop in the following areas:

Click here to see an example overview of a typical leadership development programme in three modules over 10-12 days.


Executive Coaching is offered to support personal development and transformation, performance improvement, skill development and goal realisation.

Leading Change

We support the positive leadership of change processes and 'permanent change' environments by:

Personal Development — Applied Emotional Intelligence

Why does everything in the personal development sphere start with self-awareness? Well if you don’t know where you are or your current direction then reorientation and new purpose is compromised. Developing a clear and confident sense of self is critical to personal strength and earning the trust of others.


Working life offers a great opportunity for personal improvement and life-long learning. If we can find or create the environment that suits our path intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically then the self direction that results is incredibly empowering and visible — not an idealised notion. Implicit in this kind of description of wellbeing, and born out in my experience of working with clients, is that people enjoy shifting something in order to move forward and 'grow'. Whether balancing heart and head or tackling decisions about direction and life choices, examination of our perceptions and thinking is highly rewarding, often revelatory, and productive.


Whether in a group or individual setting our role is to frame the discussion to surface deeper questions – intelligent questions for intelligent answers. What is necessary to change a person is to change their awareness of themselves.

Team Development

Team development work includes strategy sessions for management boards, expeditions in the great outdoors, collaborative work with performance professionals such as Olympic Gold Medallists and the facilitation of executive team development before, during and after organisational restructure.


Whether the challenge is supporting the rediscovery of passion for a management team, evaluating and developing strategy or straightening out communication, relationships, behaviours and team purpose we measure ourselves by the relevance, impact and brevity of our engagement – if this type of work takes a long time then it hasn’t worked!

Conflict Resolution

Seeing the power that conflict has to dominate the lives and emotional wellbeing of others both at work and at home has led to involvement in resolution of dysfunctional situations for teams, groups and couples.


Our work has been highly effective in surfacing, clarifying and resolving both the stated and unstated elements that contribute to ‘stuck’ situations. Please make contact for a fuller description of our experiences in this area.

What else?

We have a range of topic-specific training modules that reflect the needs of most organisations. The experience offered by the independent consultant network is broad and deep. As a consequence it is hard to envisage a learning and development, coaching and organisational development topic that is out of our scope.


We take a totally objective view of where we can contribute and an 'abundance mentality' approach to recommending others if we cannot meet timescales or if we see better suited expertise offered by others.