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What is a Human Landscape?

“The human component of a work environment such as perceptions, aspirations, beliefs, values and relationships (as contrasted to the inert component such as structures, policies, technology, strategy, capital, and tools).”



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Peter Williams, Director Human Landscape

I set out as an independent consultant in January 2011 under the name 'Human Landscape Ltd' after five years' experience as Senior Consultant for Cegos UK, designing and delivering leadership development programmes, personal effectiveness training and performance coaching for international businesses in the UK and Europe.


Peter WilliamsMy previous business experience, initially in a large corporate and as a Manager at Michael Page International, was followed by 9 years of entrepreneurship as an owner and manager of two high-end manufacturing SMEs in the UK. A decision to step away from the businesses I was involved in, sell my equity stakes and re-assess, led to a an unplanned opportunity to work with groups and individuals in a way that I immediately found rewarding.


Five years of group facilitation and coaching combined with my own business management background and a tendency to 'walk my talk' as a community organiser, have provided me with a thorough understanding of the human landscape in organisations and how to navigate and harness it successfully. What started as a life-style choice has become a vocation and as such I bring conviction, sincerity and high standards to my work.


My approach is dynamic, experiential, challenging and impactful. Through engaging people in a creative and imaginative process, through stretching their thinking and inviting them to step outside their comfort zone, I aim to facilitate real change in attitudes and new self-reinforcing behaviour which manifests in bigger and bolder moves or the tempering of unproductive habits to strengthen interactions in participants' professional lives. The fact that I love what I do relates directly to my success.


Whether it is uncovering latent potential, stretching and challenging or removing obstacles and interference to progress, my preoccupation is with practically applied learning, personal growth and self-expression in organisational life. Cultivation of the human landscape enables great results, builds strength for the long term and makes the journey more rewarding, interesting and enjoyable. I see my contribution as generating depth and dynamism to the exploration of how we can grow awareness and improve organisations – from awareness comes opportunity. Opportunity plus a predisposition to act delivers results.


Leadership and Management Development, Leading Change, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence and Team Building.


Psychometric Accreditations:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Team Management System, DISC Persolog, DISC Inscape, Strength Deployment Inventory, Bar-On EQi.